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Athletics Canada to Provide Unprecedented Support to the Walks

Athletics Canada has agreed to provide significant financial support to Canada’s elite race walkers for the 2013 season. This support will be made directly to the Racewalk West group. Racewalk West currently has 3 Senior Men qualified for the World Championships and for the FISU Games, both being held in Russia this year.

The full impact of this support will be seen as the season progresses. The funding will be used to provide access to preparation programms that would not otherwise have been available.

Artificial altitude simulation will be used in preparation for the Pan Am Race Walk Cup to help level the playing field with the Latin nations who live and train at altitude. All three of our athletes will participate in a multi week alritude camp in St. Moritz in preparation for Moscow.

We will now have massage/physio therapy available to the athletes at all events and not just at the major team events. The group will also have access to professional biomechanics and gait analysis as both a prevention and a developmental strategy.

The timing for this support could not have been better. The athletes and the Racewalk West coaching staff have progressed to the point where the skills are there to take advantage of the resources being offered.

Thank you to Athletics Canada and the AC staff who have seen our ability to realise our potential and have decided to play an active role in our development. We will deliver on our part of the bargain.

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