One Day to Go, a Trip to the Olympic Village

Yesterday we viewed the Race Walk course. The LOC has made a few last minute changes that will make everyone’s experience better. Tomorrow will tell the real tale. For today we spent out time in the Olympic Athlete Village.

Today was a very restful day. Light preparation, watching the first day of Athletics, eating, hydrating and taking care of last minute details. Here’s a quick tour for you.

After going through several layers of very pleasant but very officious security and a short walk you come upon the Canadian residence building. The village is very closely modelled after the Vancouver Olympic Village. All of the housing is destined to become private condos once the Olympics are finished. Let’s hope that they have better luck with the sales than we did.

Canadian Residence in the Olympic Village

At the entrance to the Canadian residence is the Canadian mascot. Not sure where it came from and we’re about the only country with one. It has become a favourite and classic “photo op” and I could not resist making Inaki pose for the obligatory shot.  Against his better judgement, he complied so it would do him a disservice not to post this:


As payback and also to get the other key “photo op” into this post Inaki made me do the “rings”, in fairness to him, here it is:


So, to complete the quick tour photo essay, here’s a look at the Athlete’s Plaza:

Athletes Village Plaza

Tomorrow we finally get to do what we do what we’ve come here to do , details to follow.

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